April 03, 2011

B is for Book!!! a new book!

I like to read... I always have, I have several books that I like so much that I've read hundreds of times and I could keep reading and reading... a lot of them are children books, that I used to read when I was little and still today I take them out of the shelf sometimes to enjoy the stories again...

When I was in Junior High, High School and even on the University and some years later, each year during the "Semana Santa" Vacation (Holly week and Easter week) I used to go with my friends in a 2 week road trip, usually to Merida, Yucatán, in the south east part of Mexico.
They were great trips with friends of all ages, in a van full of happiness and adventures.

In one of those trips, several year ago, like 13 or 14, I've finished the book I took that time with me for the road... and one of my friends handed me a book that he had to read as "homework" for the Boy Scouts.

The book was called "The Clan of the Cave Bear", by J. M. Auel, and since I started it in that trip I couldn't let it go... I read the whole book during our trip, and I was totally hooked in the story, with the characters and the writing style of the author.
Later, I learned that the book as the first of a serie called Earth's Children and therefore, I looked for the following books, 4 by that time.

The serie is a pre-historical novel that has a girl as center character. It tells her story in Europe, in the period of co-existence between Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals.

I simply LOVE the story, the books, all of them...
I read the first 4 and waited for the 5th that came out on 2003...

And finally, last Thursday I got the final book of the saga (sadly because it's the las one) that just came out... I knew it would come out in the US and Spain, and I was hoping, praying for it to come out in Mexico too, and it did!!!! so now I have my new favorite, last book!!!
During the writing of the books, the author has made a lot of research and it's an expert in all those aspects... I love her writing style, and it took her 34 years to complet the saga!!!!!

I'm already in chapter 4 and loving it!

See you soon!


  1. Hey Shanti! I'm the same way..if I love a book I can read it over and over again! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Please drop by for an award!

  2. Hi Shanti, I was happy to see your post about this author and her new book! I also love her books and have the whole series and they are all signed by the author!!! She is doing a book signing here in Portland and I hope to buy this book and have it signed. I'm glad to hear that you're loving this last one.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  3. I read Clan of the Cave Bear some years ago, your blog post reminded of it and that I should read it again. Isn't it wonderful when you find such a good book that it makes you a little sad when it is over?

  4. I really need to read some of that lady's books. They've been recommended to me for SOOO long.


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