March 02, 2011

Green and purple hat...

This is another hat for B-Town Caps for Cancer... a local group that makes hats for cancer patients in the area... I've been attending to their meetings since November as I like the idea of helping and having a group to do so.

I'm pretty much the only crocheter there, some of them can crochet but prefer knitting for their hats... and then they ohh and ahh when I finish a hat in a 2 hour meeting! LOL!

This is my latest hat...
It's teenager size... made with a cotton wool blend.
I still have to add some flowers, I think I'd like 3 so I have to make 2 more.

I made up the hat as I went and I want to write down the pattern to have it for the future because I like the way it came out... but the flower came from here.
I'll take more pics when is finished and ready to go with the flowers in place.

See you soon!


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