March 01, 2011


Hello guys!!!

I hope this post will bring me back to blogland... I'm still without a camera... I wanted to buy a new memory card on the weekend, but the thing was that my camera is a bit old, and we couldn't find a card that fits it... so still no memory card.
Today, however, I got MG to lent me his camera, so I'll take all the necesary pictures in a while...

For now I just want to tell you that I've decided what will be my giveaway!!!
I'm just setting up my new Etsy shop, which I'll share with you all the minute it's ready!
So what a better thing to give away than something that could be perfectly in my new store!!!

Here it is:
A beautiful pair of earrings, handmade by me... :o)
It's all made with Sterling Silver, and the beads are red quartz.

So if you like to enter, you have to be a follower of the blog, because this giveaway is a gift to you, to all the lovely friends I have found here and have made my experience blogging so amazing... because I enjoy so much each time I read a comment and I feel so happy knowing that somewhere, someone is willing to happily read whatever I have to say... thanks, a million thanks for be on the other side on your computer, and for joining me in this adventure.

Leave a comment before Friday March 5th to enter... and I'll draw a name during the weekend!!

Hope to see you really soon!


  1. Those earings are so pretty, glad to have you back in colour :) I will pop in regularly to your Etsy store, to see what temptations you have on offer. :)

  2. those are so pretty and im happy your back to. Every day i am always checking for your blog, and you are inspiring me to try to make jewelry, i messed with beads when i was younger nut not like the kind you do i want to buy the stuff soon and try it

  3. thoseare beautiful! they would look very nice with my new green sweater! love your blog and i do follow

  4. Shanti, those are **GORGEOUS**!! You do great wire-working. I'd love to toss my name in the hat. And for sure, I am your friend.

    Hugs from Oregon -- Teresa

  5. Gorgeous! I would love a chance at those beauties! Also the crocodile stitch bag is coming along nicely! Your pattern is great! I have finished the front and am now working on the back. So excited! ♥


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