January 30, 2011

The Phone Call...

Yesterday was one of those days where MG and myself were both very tired, so we went to bed early.
MG was a bit frustrated of ending up in bed at 10pm on Saturday (we usually don't get there before 12), but there we went and fell asleep pretty soon...

4:30 in the morning and our phone rang... I got up quickly to answer it, not knowing the hour, and my heart was pounding hard and quick as happens when you are waked up suddenly from a deep sleep and also because the phone was ringing in the middle of the night and usually that means something is not right!

So... it was my brother, which was also strange, to tell me that they (mom, dad and him) were in the hospital because my mom had fallen and broken her foot and she needed surgery and they wanted to let me know.
I talked to my mom too and what happened was that they were getting home from a party and she was unloading the car, so she had her hands full when entered the house and she stumbled with something and rotated almost 360° on her foot so it cracked.

She went into surgery and we eventually went back to sleep.

At 8:30am my dad called again to let me know that she was out of surgery, still in the recovery room as she had general anesthesia, and he had talked to the doctor and he said that she had also broken her ligaments and they had to put some screws and metal rings on her! she'll be fine but she can't put weight in her foot for at least 6 weeks and she'll need therapy and rehab...

I'm so glad that we have this phone! It has a local number from Mexico so they can call anytime and just pay for a local call and we can call anytime and it's included in what we pay, so I can talk to them through this... and that makes me feel a bit better, though I feel awful of not being there and with her...

Thanks for reading...

See you soon!


  1. I am sorry to hear about your Mother, that sounds very painful. It must have been a comfort to you and her to speak on the telephone. I hope she gets on the mend soon.

  2. Oh my goodness. I do hope she makes a speedy recovery.

  3. Oh dear, Shanti, sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope she heals very fast but that sounds like it was very painful. :-( Hugs, Teresa

  4. ouch! your poor mum. i hope that her foot heals quickly.

    sending warmest hugs ❤
    and healing thoughts for your mum xxx


  5. i was going to say it's so good to have that phone contact. i live quite far from my family and know how it feels when something goes wrong and you desperately want to be there. the phone is definitely the next best thing.

  6. Sorry to here about your mom, but glad it wasn't worse than that!! Middle of the night phone calls are always terrifying!

  7. So sorry to hear abut your mom. Hope she is feeling better soon. Very scary when the phone rings in those wee morning hours.

  8. All the best for your mom, Shanti! Hope she'll be better soon!


  9. Glad your Mom is on the mend...always frightening getting those phone calls.


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