January 25, 2011

Crocodile Stitch


Thank you for all your lovely comments about my cake on the last post! I took it to MG's work after I finished my class and he had a meeting with the group at night... he told me that they were all very happy with it and said it was very good. They almost finished it! that is a good sign!
I have the piece with the flowers on top left... it is really good!

Yesterday, when I got home I sat down to catch up on Ravelry for a quite relaxing time... A few days ago, a knitter told me that Ravelry is the Facebook for knitters and crocheters and I liked that description!!

Anyway... I was reading at We Love Lucy group (group inspired by Lucy at Attic24) and saw this projcet shared by Maryfairy... and I LOVED it! I had never seen that stitch before and I started looking for something else about it... I saw the pattern she had used and it came from an etsy shop... I kept looking and found a couple of videos and then, looking in the images feature, I saw this one:::

So pretty, plus I love that color as I'm sure you know already!

And it took me to Jenny's blog:: Yarn Muse (the link is to her Crocodile Stitch post).
She figured out the stitch and posted a couple of videos on how to make it...
I think she explained it very good and that it was easy to follow.
The only thing you need to know to work this stitch is how to chain and make double crochet... you can use any yarn and hook size you want and I really love the way it looks!!!!

I made a sample myself:::
I used Vanna's Choice yarn, leftovers of my first ripple... It was quick to work, and the result is a thick fabric, with weight, and a really lovely look...
I am tempted to make a cowl, a scarf or a shawl.... and I will definetly have to buy a nice yarn for this!!!!!!
Plus! great thing::: MG loved my sample, was amused by it, and agreed with me on the need to make a beauty with nice yarn... so green light to buy!!!! I'm going to the yarn store today after my Zumba class!!!! yei!!!!!

Have a happy hooky time!!!
and see you soon!


  1. Beautiful! Looks like a bit of a yarn eater but who cares if it turns out this great.

  2. That stitch would look lovely worked up in the round to make a flower. Thank you for posting the links of where you found it.

  3. Wow, Shanti, I've never seen that pattern of crochet.. it would make a nice bag, wouldn't it? Hugs, Teresa

  4. That is a very neat looking stitch!

  5. Very pretty, Shanti! And that also looks something I could use to make a dinosaur/dragon sweater for my nephew, he loves anything with scales ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing and happy day!


  6. i love this stitch..it's so pretty ♥

  7. very very pretty!! I myself was searching for this pattern but didnt know it was called the crocodile stitch! Thanks a lot for the info!

  8. Hello, I've just found your blog - you have some gorgeous work - and very interesting :-)

  9. Woah! I love it!!! It looks like leaves! I will try this one soon!!

  10. I stumbled across this stitch a few days ago somewhere, and now it seems to be popping up all over! I can see why, it's such a pretty stitch. Can't wait to give it a go! :)


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