January 03, 2011


How are you doing in this first Monday of the year???

I'm great... today I took my first class on cake decorating: The basics!
It's a Wilton course that I'll take for the next 3 weeks at our local Hobby Lobby... I'm very excited, I learned a lot of things today and I can tell you, I will learn a whole lot during the 3 remaining classes.
Today there was a lot of theory and showing, and just a bit of practice decorating in cookies... we just had to decorate with stars... here's what I did:::

Nothing fancy, nothing from other world... but something new for me... They told me I was good :o)!!!

The contradictory part is, that after that I rushed to the Zumba place, where I take Zumba classes (zumba is a dance type workout based on latin rythms) to a weigh-in and first day of a "lose weight" program that will be held there from here to March...

Soooo, I'm taking cake decorating classes AND trying to loose weight and be healthier.... *sigh*

I hope both will work out great... and I'm happy for now, so that's what's more important in this moment.

See you soon!


  1. One of my coworkers teaches Zumba, and she's very clear that she does it so she can eat all the things she wants!

    Have fun with the cake decorating--sounds like a good time learning something new.

  2. If nothing else, at least the Zumba will balance out the sweets, lol. I would love to take a cake decorating class. I'm not even good at spreading on frosting!

  3. The class sounds like fun. Congrats on keeping your horizons broadened.

  4. Those cookies look really good. Happy New Year.

  5. It's makes perfect sense to me!!

    I've been thinking of taking Zumba classes too this year!

  6. well, they look truly scrumptious indeed and i can say much the same for your lovely blog here.
    i do like your header too, so clever.
    dance is a wonderful and fun way to keep fit, i haven't heard of Zumba before, must go and look it up.
    warm january blessings xxx


  7. aww...thanks for your lovely encouraging comment.

    hope your day/evening is sweet xxx




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