November 05, 2010



I hope you're having a really good day. I don't know why but my day yesterday was a bit blue. It was a gorgeous autumn day, all fresh, with clear sky, white and puffy clouds, crisp air.... and I didn't feel good for some reason. I was gloomy and down. And I went out for a walk that made me smile for a while... 
... though it didn't work for take away my blue mood... oh well!

It doesn't matter!!! today I'm so much happier! I'm just happy.
I woke up wanting to make donuts! my Sister in law gave us a donut maker right before I went to Mexico, do you remember??
And we hadn't try it until today... so while MG was cooking lunch and setting up breakfast, I was rambling between flour, eggs, sugar, milk and more to make the batter... then trying to figure out the right amount of batter to put on the donut maker...
So a few of them spilled out... that is how the donuts looked once I opened the lid after the waiting time, that is amazingly short!!!! just 3-5 minutes!!!
So the consuming time part is make the batter, and then, you just have to wait several 5 mins batches, and you have a whole batch of D-O-N-U-T-S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
 It made 60!!!!!!!! it's a lot!!! and sice we don't have kids or know any neighbors to invite to eat them... I put them all (almost) in little plastic bags, and now I'm off to MG's work to share them with his co-workers...
Here's after I sugared them...
 And here in the bags....
They are not super great and are far distant of the bakery donuts with decorations and all... but hey! I'm still learning this cooking-baking thing, and this was my first batch of donuts!

See you later!


  1. :)

    I'm MG. Just ate five of the donuts. They're great! Too bad you can't have a taste of them but trust me: they're really good. Were quite a success with my fellow labmates.

  2. They look good. The thing with bakery donuts is they are fried in oil.


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