November 30, 2010

Cable Hat Finished!!

This is what I worked on this week... I got the yarn at my LYS, it's a fancy handspun and handpainted yarn, from Dream in Color brand... the name of the yarn is "Classy" and it's worsted weight, 100% superfine australian merino, and it's supposed to be superwash... I hope it won't undye when I wash it.

Anyway... the pattern it's from rheatheylia again, the same place where I got the pattern for my mom's Lattice Hat.  They are both free patterns, very nice looks I think, though they are not beginners patterns. But she offers some great tutorials on how to do it.

Well, enough chit-chatting... here's a picture!!!
I hope you can see the cables, as today is a very grey and dark day so there's not a lot of light in my house.... here's another one, it's blurry but I noticed that when the pic was already in my laptop, and I didn't want to go and take another one, hehe... but this one is with the mittens...
So now I have a set... it's not exactly the same color but they are close and match... noone no "expert" is gonna notice... the only bad thing is that the hat was made with a fancy yarn, and the mittens with a very cheap acrylic yarn.... no matter that, I'm really happy with both of them, and they are very warm and nice...

I'm off for now,
See you soon!!!!


  1. They look wonderful together.

  2. I know I already said this on ravelry but I adore the hat!! Love the stitches used.


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