October 08, 2010

Birthday Treat...

Yesterday was my BirthDay!!! 28 already!
Hard to be away from MG but I'm happy to be with my mom and at night I had dinner with my mom and friends... it was almost perfect... just needed MG here...

I want to show you really quick what I bought for myself present.....
 Don't you love it??? colorful, cheerful, lovely set of kitchen-bake helpers!!!

Big Bowl and wringer... 
 Small bowl with measures! (you can't see them in the picture, sorry!)
 and 4 meassuring cups!!!
 I'm in love!

See you soon!


  1. pretty!! I love bowls! you got very awesome colors!

    and Happy belated birthday!!

  2. Fabulous goodies and a very happy Birthday to you!!!

  3. Oh Happy Birthday! I hope you have a FAB year, and I love the rainbow bowls!

  4. Happy Birthday. You are 6 months older than my daughter. Love the rainbow bowl set.

  5. they sell those at my husbands work i keep telling him i want one but he hasnt got it for me yet


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