August 30, 2010

Someone Made a Dress with my Pattern!!!!


I'm just super excited!!!
Do you remember my first pattern?? Sienna's Dress??
Well, I was Raverly-ing yesterday and wanted to show my parents how my pattern looks on Raverly, when I saw it said that there was 4 projects of it already!!!
I got so so so so so so so so so so so so happy and excited and jumping and happy dancing!! I just couldn´t believe it...

So the first one was made by mjarmero (name in Raverly), and I loved how it's made in a little size, she called it size PukiPuki (that I guess it must be the name of the doll), I think its sounds super cute!
 Image by mjarmero in Raverly

And the second one, was made by SamiraFatima (name in Rav), and I absolutely LoVe how she combine 2 colors in the top part, I like very much the effect that this produces.

Image by SamiraFatima in Raverly

Thank you for make this dresses!!! you have made me so happy!!!

See you soon!

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