August 16, 2010

My Week

So during the week that we had spend at B-town and with MG at work, I had plenty of time to check every detail of our new place until I was pleased and happy with it... I also got to walk around town, specially downtown and the campus and get to know a bit more every day about this new place.

I love the walkings around downtown, there are so many boutiques, and galleries, and shops!! there's a lot of people going in and out of all of them, and it's a very alive town, even when college classes hasn't started! I think classes will start next week or so, and then we'll have 40,000 college kids in town!!! it'll be fun, very fun to watch... I love to go out and see people.

I still haven't make anyfriends... but that'll come with some time.

I love to go out to walk and get into every little shop and explore... but it is SOOOO hot now!!! that it's nearly imposible... I think that'll get better during the fall... plus, all the city has a lot of trees, but the campus specially is full, full of trees, so I bet it'll be a very pretty and awsome sight with all the autumn colors!!!

So during this week with all the walkings and trips to the library and etc, etc... I started a new ripple blanket for my 2 yo niece... it's pretty much in the same colores than the other one, because my cousin loved it and wanted one for her daughter... same colors, diferent shades... inpired in Bake and Sew blanket, I absolutely love her colors... and I can't match them, LOL... but I'm very pleased with my new try.

It has a 140 chain base, a lenght of 40in... and I've made 10 doble stripes, so 20 rows so far... 3 or 4 days working on it... not too bad!
I have 4 more weeks to finish it... I think I'll finish it before, but who knows!!!

I'm pretty excited because this Friday I get to go back home!!! with all my family and friends, for 3 wonderlful weeks!!!! Sure I'll miss MG a TON!!! he is not going with me :o( but it will be a great time and I'm so happy and I can't contain myself, so I have this week to explore B-town in the summer because I think that by the time I get back, fall will be very close!

I really, really hope to have things to share with you while I'm there and the time to do it!!!
And I hope you are very, very good and happy!!!
See you soon!


  1. I love the colors you're using on that blanket :)

    have a good trip!!

  2. What a beautiful ripple. I love the colors.


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