July 19, 2010

Weekend of Earrings...

Hi all!!!
How are you? I hope you are great, enjoying the weather and your summer... specially if you are in vacations!
My weekend was very good and very relaxing... I still have a bit of migraine but I hope it'll go away soon! The good thing is that I recovered my natural crafty desire, that had gone with the headache...

And I'm again in an itchy-for-jewelry time... I don't know if that's the way to say it, but what I mean is that I want to make jewelry again... which is very good... I get periods out of any inspiration and I sit there with my supplies and just nothing comes out... but I'm back in it, for now! lets enjoy it!

So here is some of the earrings I made during the weekend...
See you soon!

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  1. do you sell them? because you definitely should! my sister LOVES the earrings you gave me and said the same thing about you needing to sell them. (I'm keeping my eye on my earrings, she loves butterflies)


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