May 08, 2010

Sushi Frustration...

MG took me out yesterday to have sushi for dinner... I LOVE sushi, maybe my favorite food, and it was the first time we had it since we moved here (more than a year) so I was more than happy to have it...
We sat on the floor, asked for the food and it all looked sooooo good when it arrived to the table...
I started to eat with my chopsticks, it's a whole art to eat with them, and even I'm not an expert, I can use them very well I think........... until........ I noticed that the position that your hand need to have to hold them was not good at all for me and my current pain!!! I started to have pain in my hand while holding the chopsticks!!!!
It was so frustrating!! So lovely MG asked the waiter for a fork for me, and he looked at my with a condescendent smile that made me want to yell at him "listen mister, I KNOW how to use chopsticks, and I can use them very well, thank you... but I can't right now because I have RSI!!!" (Repetitive Stress Injury)... but I just thougth about it, I didn't say anything to him...

Today I'm at home while MG went to work... It's cloudy outside and it make me want to curl under my ripple blanket which I will in a while with a cup of tea (Chamomile-Anise)... I'm cold because during-after the Ice Dipping, all my body temperature fell down, which I'm sure will be great in the summer, but not quite nice for this cloudy day.

I'll snuggle and read my new Wire Jewelry magazine... it just came today on the mail!!
And I'll work in a pair of crocheted Mary Jane Slippers for myself... I found a nice pattern!
I think my Little sister dress will rest for today... I'm half way done with the yoke!

See you soon!!

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