May 21, 2010

Set of Necklace and Earrings

I just realized that this will be my first post here about my jewelry.
I've talk about it before, but haven't post any pictures beside the Flickr Badge.

I haven't done any jewelry in a long time, more than 2 months, and I think my blog has been alive for that time or so...
I haven't been able to do any jewelry for a while because almost immediatly I was getting pain in my hands... but now that the therapy is working, the pain is going away and I'm back in the game!!!

So here I have some pictures to show you... I'd love to think what you think!

It's entirely hand made, with sterling silver wire, gauge 20, HH. Made in 2.5 hours.

 The beads, are Chalcedony drops...
I'm enjoying it so very much!!!

See you soon!

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