May 19, 2010

Mary Jane Slipper


I haven't finished my second one.... it's half way done and I didn't crochet nor knit yesterday at all!! it feels weird... haha... because I've been crochet-knitting every day lately...

It's funny to me, that english have a word for each type of this crafts (?). What I mean is that "crochet" is the word for the "fabric" made specifically with a hook, while "knitting" refers to the two needle work...
In spanish (my first language) we have a single verb for both of them, as an action (we said "tejer"). And then you can specify if you are doing it with hook or needles...
I don't know if that was clear and if you get my point... that is very pointless, but is just a thought I have very often! ha!

Any way... I can't wait to finish the second one to show you my Mary Jane Slipper... sooooo:::

I change the button part, for 2 stripes of sc across the top part of the foot.
I just notice you can see the sock marks in my leg!!! ups! sorry, it is because I took my sock just before to take the picture.

I think this are not the best pictures! I'll try to take some better ones once I had the pair!

The weather seems to be getting better... so I'm hoping for a sunny not so chilly day, so I can go outside and take pictures of my jewelry...
And I also want to write down the pattern for the yellow-blue dress to post here...

aaa!!! So many things to do!!

See you soon!

The pattern is here... and it's free.


  1. Can you share the pattern for the slippers?

  2. I already edited the post, and put a link to the pattern.

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