February 22, 2010


It has been raining for a few days. I don't like cold weather, but I think I rather go out and walk while it's snowing than when it's raining. I mean light snow, not a storm... hehe.
But it has been raining and out there it's a little bit warmer than last week. A lot of snow that covered everything around has disapeared, it really shock me how it has almost gone in just a couple of days!

I have had a much better winter than I thought it was gonna be. But I have to say that I'm more than ready for the spring... I love the way everything gets colorful and full of flowers so quickly!

Well, I wanted to tell you that yesterday I bought a great set of hooks by Provo Craft which you can see here... It's absolutly amazing because it has ergonomic handles so you can hold it in different ways with your hand not so tight... so if you, like me, suffer for hand or wrist pain after a while of knitting or crochet, give it a shot. I haven't try them... but I'm going now. So, I'll let you know if they worked...

See you!

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