February 18, 2010

Hello People!!

This is my first entry in my entire life. Let's see where this blog will take us. English is not my first language, so I trust you will excuse me if I make a mistake (I'm sure I will have plenty of them).
Currently I'm out of the city where I grew up, and I'm living with my lovely hubby in a small (for me) and quiet town. I can see a leaveless tree outside my window, and black birdies are singing cheerful notes in the afternoon sun. It will be sunset time soon! The garden still has good amounts of snow... I like the whiteness of it, but I really don't enjoy the cold weather. At least I can be inside, with the heaters... I miss the spring.

I'm a crafty person that love to use Wires & Yarns, I love when I take a pair of pliers and my wire and start playing with it, bending and adding beads to create something beautiful... I enjoy enormously be able to knit and crochet a blanket, a scarf, a hat...
The feeling of create something with my hands it's great! It makes my feel..... it's magic.

I'll go for now... my Work in progress (WIP) is a blue-ish/white scarf with knitted cables in it, and I'm gonna work on it for a while knitting in front of the TV.

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