February 04, 2011

Google reader

I've read about it in several blogs and I've never tried it before. I think I had looked at it, or look for it, and haven't found it...
Well, today I have.
It was amazing!!!

I've been having troubles to read the blogs I follow and keep updated on them... I was using the feature that shows on your personal blog, on the lateral bar, the blogs you follow and their recent postings... but then I went to one of them and discovered that I had missed several days!!! and there were others that didn't appear there for days and I was looking them through other blogs or googled them to catch up... I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself...
The point is that I felt like I was losing the updates of my favorite blogs, and somehow today I got to google reader and WOW!!!!

I got all the blogs, all the posts that I had missed, all the updates and when they happened... and I could see them organized by the date and time they were posted, or by blog, or alphabeticar order and more... and I could see them on a list or displayed with all the content......

I think I'm the last person on knowing about this... and I still have to learn a couple of things to use it... and I'm wondering::: I think it only shows blogs from blogger... am I right??? so typepad and wordpress won't show there I guess... good thing is that I only follow like 5 of those and I have them in my favorites or I get the updates in my email...

I hope I'll be able to keep updated now...

I'm off to the yarn store!!!
See you soon!


  1. hi thanks for this i've never been on google reader before and isn't it great?
    maybe i'm the last person to know about this

  2. You can subscribe to nonBlogger blogs with your Reader. If you go into your Reader settings, on the Goodies tab, there are buttons there that you can drag up to your bookmarks area on your toolbar, and it will add them. There's one to subscribe to things, and there's also one that will take you to the next unread post in your Reader. I don't like to actually read posts in reader most of the time, because I like seeing the pretty backgrounds on different blogs, and also because you can't comment from Reader. Using the "next" button will take you to the actual blog.


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