February 03, 2011

Seasonal Jewelry...

I've been thinking and thinking about writing this post almost since we had the first snow!!!
I hadn't had opportunity to photograph my jewelry until now... today we had a bright sunny day and I took advantage and took pictures of all the pieces that I had without picture.

I have some good news!!!! last Monday I received my Work Authorization Card!!! I'm so excited because now I'll be able to give classes (crochet classes at the LYS), or take a job somewhere, and sell my jewelry... and that feels really good.... I haven't done it in soooo long!!!!

So today I spent all afternoon taking pictures and polishing my jewelry to shiny-shine! and adding clasps and hooks wherever needed... and I'll be ready to sell really soon!!!
And with all the picture taking I took some of the pieces that I have kept for myself and took some pictures too... and thus the seasonal jewelry theme....

May I present you::: My Autumn Necklaces:::
This one is made with copper wire coated in colors... it's all made by hand... all the coils and the unions and the chain at the end... and I like it but farther than that, I decided to keep it because it was more of a trial for the design and being copper is really simple to stretch it and it can loose its form really easy and I didn't want to sell something that could go bad easily. As I know that that can happen and I know how to fix it if it does, I can wear it without problems!
Here a close-up of the work... I love the colors, it remainds me of autumn...
The next necklace its also for the fall... I made this one specially for me because I wanted an autumn something... I feel that the shape I gave the wire seems to leaves falling, and then the colors of the cristals are very fall-ish. The wire I used is sterling silver, I think it is 22gauge (not the same gauge used in knitting and crochet though!) The crystals are swarovsky...
And once again, everything is handmade.

Next and last for today, we have the Winter Set... I made and designed this one also for me... not just something I kept. Back in 2007, when I was doing my degree thesis, I was working with a Chemistry Professor. I was assistant in one of his classes about crystalography and solid structure and I was making my thesis work about synthetic rubys... I was mad about crystals and minerals back there... and this professor went on a vacation and I asked him to bring me a present... and he brought me this incredible and amazing rutilated quartz (the big crystal on the necklace).
It remainded me of ice, so I made an icy, sparkling and wintery piece...
Quartz beads with sterling silver wire and handmade"snowflakes"...
I LOOOOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was my seasonal jewelry so far... I hope you liked it... I hadn't talked about jewelry here in a long time... I hope you didn't get bored with all the explanations of what I used and why!!!

I have to go for now!
See you soon!


  1. Shanti, wow, I love your jewelry work! You and I have that in common. Have you visited my jewelry gallery? There is a link on my blog.

    Hugs and I'm happy that you got your card.. Teresa in Oregon

  2. Wow, beautiful jewelry! Congrats on the card, how exciting! Are you going to be setting up a website to sell your jewelry? ♥

  3. Beautiful jewellry, you are very talented. Congratulations on the work card. I am sure your jewellry will sell like hot cakes. You are also good at baking so maybe you could sell hot cakes! :)

  4. I love the winter-set! The others are pretty too, you're sop talented!

    Happy and crafty weekend!


  5. My gosh, what talent you have.


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