September 18, 2012

Learning to sew...

It has been a few years that I've wanted to learn how to sew... I've tried several times since we came to the States to take classes without much success... finally, last week I had my first sewing class!!
At the Yarn Shop, with my friends, and one of them is the teacher!
It is almost perfect, the only down side being that our great friend-teacher will be moving away in 2 weeks... but hey! at least I think I'll be done with my first skirt by then...

Last week we learned to be friends with the sewing machine, we took our measurements and had a field trip to Jo-Ann's Fabrics to get patterns, fabrics and notions...
I forgot to take a photo of the pattern, but here's what my fabric looks like:::
Maybe a little bit busy, but I love the colors and the paisleys make me happy... lots of doodling and just my kind of colors-happy-feelings...

My fabric is all washed and dryed, I need to iron it, and will be ready for the next class tomorrow night.

See you soon!

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  1. I love the bright fun pattern in your cloth.. I look forward to seeing what you make with it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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