September 28, 2012

Arts and Music Festival

Last weekend we had the Lotus Festival. Great festival in town that brings art and music from the world. It goes from Thursday to Sunday with the main events on Friday and Saturday nights in 4 different venues around town, including some tents they put on the street. There are some streets closed for pedestrians and performers and the shows on the tents and closed venues require a ticket to get in, but there is a lot of folklore and things happening outside and tons of people walking and wearing their "Lotus clothing"... all sorts of fun clothes, colorful, edgy, artist-y...

MG and I like to go out and walk, look at the people, at the street performances... eat from the different stands that restaurants have out, drink a hot cocoa (it was coooold on Sat night!).
Kids playing violins...
Bands playing different music...

Saturday night there was a space for kids to do skateboarding, they armed some ramps and flew on them!!
I think I forgot to make the post about the Brains a while ago when they happened... there is an artist in town that made 22 fiber glass brains and got different artists around town to work on them and embellish them... Here's MG with the Lotus brain that was adorned with the logo t-shirts from past years.
Here you can see the info tent with a projection of the Lotus logo.
And one of the shows venues - a theatre...
There is also an Arts Village in one of the closed streets... they have a little tent with lots of chalks in any color so people can draw in the street! I love that!
This is another band that got a lot of prople dancing and twirling around...
And finally, there was some people walking around in home-made-with-recycled-items costumes, walking with huge fishes all around downtown.
MG and I had a wonderful time!!!

See you soon!

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