July 06, 2012

A week to fill....

I just posted about our 4th of July...  but it didn't seem the same theme to include this in that post...

My dear hubby flew today to the east coast to attend a conference and will be there for a week...
I have a week to fill without him... specially at nights.
I sure miss him.

I spent the day at the yarn shop and was great! Lots of friends and good talk.

A couple of episodes on digital scrapbooking podcast, and photo organization...

A quiche lorraine in the oven...

I'll probably watch Grey's Anatomy for a while and then to bed...

I have a yarn day tomorrow too!

I'm so blessed to have that place!

I miss you Honey!!


  1. Look at you, posting every day! I hope your sunburn is better. That is painful. Looks like the boating and swimming was super fun. I would be mad if someone stood in front of me at the parade! Take care of yourself while you're on your own. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Isn't it wonderful that you can crochet, that's always a filler for me. Its like an old friend, always there, always fun to do. Enjoy your creations of the week. Take good care. Blessings

  3. Enjoy your 'me' time, absence makes the heart grow fonder... xxx


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