July 06, 2012

4th of July...

As Thanksgiving, this is one of the american holidays that MG awaits for all year... he loves the multiple things that you can do on that day and he actually waits for it to come so he can skip work for the day, something I love!!!
This year we went to the town parade...
We didn't have time to have breakfast before going out of the house, so my sweet MG went to buy something to eat and I snapped this photo of him when he came back where I saving our places.
The weather was incredible hot, so we had hats and caps...
I had a light dress on but anyway I had to pull it up my legs to be cooler.
One thing I love about 4th of July is that everyone dresses in blue, red and white... I love the uniformness of it and just the look of those colors everywhere.
The parade was fun and lasted more than an hour, but we found it wasn't as fun as last year... I don't know if it was the excesive heat or that most of the people where we were seated decided to stand in the middle of the street and block all our view...
One fun thing about a small town parade is that every organization and group has a representation in it...
And of course... my knitting was with me most of the time!!

Over all we had a great time!
See you soon with more of the same day!!

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