November 13, 2011

Knitting, knitting...

Thank you all that commented on my last post! I felt totally fine yesterday, actually by Friday night I was fine.
Ladies at the Yarn Shop called it a 24 hour flu... I think it was a 6 hours flu... but who knows... the point is that yesterday I was good and went to see my friends at the show and then to the yarn shop as I had a beginner crochet class to give... it was very good. Nice afternoon knitting and then movies night with my dear MG.
Today totally lazy day with him, cooking and doing tons of laundry!!! I hate laundry! we have to go to the basement and I don't like it when is too cold... today is suuuuuper windy! although not cold.
Good thing that we do the laundry together... that way is not as tedious and burdening as it could be.

Now to the knitting bussiness.......
I thought it was ridiculous that I spend almost every day a GOOD amount of time crocheting/knitting and MG doesn't have a scarf or a nice hat...

That is not possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what kind of yarny girl I am???

So I took him to the shop to see different patterns and to choose a yarn...
He chose a delightful Vintage Chunky, by Berroco. I love that yarn and I've used it for a lot of projects. It's really soft and it's made with wool, acrylic and nylon, so is machine washable!!! it comes in great colors and one of the best parts is that it comes in DK, Worsted and Chunky weights! FABULOUS!!!
So MG picked a dark navy blue with heathery hints of something that looks purple-ish.
And for the pattern, a Brioche stitch that is mindless once you've got it. It looks like a knitted ribbing but it doesn't have any purls in it!!!
I'm half way on it, I'vee used a whole skein already... so it'll be a 2 skein project and then a hat. I don't know which one yet. I want a knitted hat that goes with the same texture as the scarf.
Last year I made him this one
Which is what he uses but I think is far from being my best finished item so I don't like it very much. And I'll make him another hat with the same yarn as the scarf.

On other knitting stuff... I took a class this week in knitted fingerless gloves...

Wow! I'm doing a lot of knitting this semester... maybe is just the time to get used to it... but this, by no means, means that I prefer knitting over crochet or that I've stopped crochet!!! that CAN'T be!!!

Anyway, fingerless gloves are coming nicely but the double pointed needles take their toll on my hands... I get tired super fast and my hands ache. So not so happy there...
That's just the cuff...

See you soon!


  1. Just what you need for the cold weather, a selection of fine hand knits. Glad you are all better :) x

  2. Lots of lovely knitting. Keep up the great work. xoRobin❤

  3. Good for you to make MG a hat and scarf for the winter. I might take your idea and make a new hat for my hubby. Glad your flu didn't last long. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Welcome to the dark (knitting) side! Once you start it's so addictive, but then you feel like you're cheating on crocheting so you go back. *Then* you realise you have the best of both worlds!

    Love your scarf, that patterns very interesting! I don't mind purling but I might check it out.

    The hat's lovely, I wish I'd made one like it!


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