March 07, 2011

Giveaway winner!!!!

Hello all!!!!
I'm happy to be here today to anounce my giveaway winner...

I'm must confess that I was somehow waiting for more people to enter to it... I just had 5 participants, but that doesn't get me down, because I think that means that those 5 lovely ladies, like to read my blog and were excited about my giveaway....

I'm really, truly grateful with you for making this blog adventure fun and magic... and without further words... the winner of this gorgeous earrings (if I may say so myself)::: our lovely Teresa!!!!
Congratulations Teresa!!!! I'll be very happy to send them your way to their new home!
Thank you to the rest of you!
I'll plan another giveaway in the future sometime, I hope you'll be here for that one too!

See you soon!


  1. oooh I am jealous, congratulations Teresa, I know you wanted to win something and you said you never won...Shanti's earings look like they were made for you X What a gorgeous prize.

  2. Shanti, I pm'ed you on Rav with my home address.

    *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* They are beautiful and I can't wait to see your craftmanship in person. I also do jewelry so it will be great to see how you do those pretty curlycues! :-)

    You're a dear. Love, Teresa

  3. Congrats Teresa! They are lovely earrings. I didn't enter as I don't have pierced ears.

  4. Congratulations Teresa! ♥

  5. Congrats!! I've been totally neglecting my blog lately with all that we have going on, or I would have entered. They're beautiful! Congrats to you, Shanti, on doing a giveaway. :)


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