October 03, 2010

Knit/Crochet = LOVE!!!

Every time I have a yarn in my hands, and sit down to work with it with my hook or needles, I can't help but thinking that I am knitting/crocheting an absolute pure kind of love.

I think you knit/crochet only because you like it and you love to do it... I'm pretty sure that there's people that do it because they need to do it, because that is their work and otherwise they wouldn't have food on their table... but I think that us, the lucky people that have access to internet and blogland, and many others, are lucky enough to do it just because we like it and love to do it... and even there is some lucky people that besides doing what they love, they can make money with it by selling their patterns or their finished products...

I am one of those lucky people that have the privilege of have time to seat down and relax in a very happy hooky time, without pressure, without a time line, without rush...

I don't like to crochet with rush... I am not a slow crocheter, but I like to be able to take my peace, to savor every stitch, to feel the fiber of the yarn in my left hand, to feel the movement of the hook on my right... to see how a fabric comes out of my hands and takes life to become some beautiful object full of love... Because every time I crochet, or knit, I feel like I'm weaving love, because every inch of the fiber and fabric has to be touched by my hands and it takes with it the happy part of me that makes me do it, and surprisingly it gives me back a lot more happiness and love than the one it takes from me.

So every time I hook on something, I feel I'm doing a work of love... a weaved fabric of love...

The same as working a new yarn from the big skein to balls or cakes, it's like praying, like repeating a mantra, like getting in love and peace...

See you soon lovely friends!!


  1. I can relate! I dislike making things to order or to sell... I feel like I have to rush though it. I like being a "non-profit) crocheter.

  2. I absolutely love to crochet!

  3. My mother-n-law told me i should try to sell stuff that i make cause i recently made her a queen sized blanket and i have a photo album of my projects online. I started to decided i didnt want to try to sell my stuff i have made and then thankfully i got a job. while i was crocheting and thinking about selling them it wasnt fun and now that i decided not to i have fun again crocheting. i love to be able to rad blogs and find free patterns online to try stuff, i dont want to buy patterns cause i dont know if i can even make them so i dont want to waste money on them

  4. Beautiful words, I especially love that you consider everything you make to be weaving your care into it. :) I like to think happy thoughts as I work, and send my wishes to the person I'm making for. :)


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