March 27, 2013

Life is changing...

Life changes all the time, but sometimes we notice more than others. There are small, light changes that happen in the every day things, as you go, and one day you realize that that cereal that you used to love and eat all the time doesn't fancy you anymore and you haven't had it in a while... or that your favorite dress, the one that you used all the time, has been hanging in your closet for 6 months without use. There is small changes that we do and have, like getting closer with a new friend or growing apart another.

And there is big, huge, complicated and life-changing changes that also happen. Sometimes planned, sometimes out of the blue. Sometimes you look forward to them, sometimes you try to avoid them like the plague.

Our life is changing... we are getting closer and closer to our final day in our loved little city in the mid-west. We are preparing to go back to Mexico and join our families there.
There is a really bittersweet taste to all of this. We are working on all the logistics of a move, more if you think that it's a move to another country. We've decided not to take our furniture and large belongings with us. We are taking "the essentials" that are still a lot of things... lots of clothes to pack, lots of yarns and baking ware to take with us. Of course my wonderful Kitchen Aid will come with us.
That means we have to sell, give away, donate, dispose, etc of a large number of things... we practically have a complete apartment full of things and comodities to live. We have a lot more than we realize.

We are trying to juggle the last few days here, with work for MG and the shop for me... visiting and farewells with good friends, last parties and walk around town. All added to the packing and all the mentioned above that needs to happen before we leave.

I'm looking forward to go to Mex, I cannot wait to see my mom and dad, my uncle and aunts and my grandma! I'm sad to leave here, but I'm looking forward to come back to visit and I have a couple of hope trips for the summer.

I have to pack some more,
See you soon!


  1. Good luck on your move, it's a lot of work. I do hope you continue blogging from Mexico. What city will you move to? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hi Teresa, thanks for your good wishes. We'll be going to Mexico City.


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