November 18, 2012

Lazy Sunday...

Hello guys!!
Thank you so much for commenting and sending good thoughts on my last post about my eyes hurting. I'm very happy that we're going to the doctor tomorrow to have them check and hopefully they'll give me something that will fix the problem.

Today, 6 years ago, I met MG at his cousin's wedding :o)... we didn't planned anything special for today, nor did we exchange presents. I'm very happy that it was Sunday so we got to spend the whole day together and it has been a perfect day.
We've been having cold days with the occasional frosting... (this is MG's pick-up truck box frosted)
But today was a gorgeous day, sunny and almost warm... lately we are full of birds and crows!
We had breakfast while talking on the phone with his parents (my mom sent us a phone with speaker for my B-day back in October, and boy! am I enjoying it!!!)... later we went to the movies (Breaking Dawn, the last of the Twilight Saga movie - that I liked and enjoyed; for him was ok). Went to exchange a frame to Michales and then to check some things to Best Buy and Staples and look around in Barns and Noble.
You see, I have this idea that I'd like to have an iPad, so I thought on Black Friday coming this week, might be a good idea to get it then. But the guy at Best Buy told me that iPads don't go on sale on black friday... so there is no rush and I can get it closer to Christmas. Hopefully it'll be my parents Christmas present for us.

I got a cute address book in B&N...
I've been wanting one to have all my friends addresses in one place when we leave. This one is pretty and has the address book, a section for your internet passwords by website (so useful), a section with stickers that you can fill with your information and stick it where needed and a section with card tags that you can fill and hand someone with your phone or email or whatever you need.

Later we came home... I made a late lunch and we had chicken (that we had bought prepared, rolled and filled with cheese and spinach or cheese and asparagus), and pears with blue cheese and pine nuts.
It was very good, MG had some wine with it and was very happy (I don't drink, don't like alcohol).
Then I worked on making Fig bread as yesterday when we went to the groceries, MG saw figs and asked "can you make me a fig bread?"... He doesn't usually asks for specific bakings, I just bake what I feel like and he eats it very happy; so it was nice that he asked and I was happy to say yes.
The baking has finished now and the house smells lovely, sweet and cinamon... I'm not sure about the Fig part thou.

I guess now we'll watch a movie and go to bed early I hope...
Here's MG very focused on his reading :o) in a cluttered table!
I hope you had a wonderful Sunday, I'd love to hear about it.

See you soon,


  1. Hi Shanti, it does sound like you had a wonderful day. We did too, we hung out at home, I did a blog post, then we went to our son's house - both our son's are sharing a home now with their wives and 4 boys. Hubby cooked dinner for us all, I crocheted on my holiday blanket and visited with everyone. I love my iPad, you will too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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