September 01, 2012

Once again...

... I can't believe how long have passed since I was last here.

So many things have passed also!!!

I guess the thought of sitting down and write about all that have happened is overwhelming and have been stopping me from doing it and made me procrastinate and extend my absence. Well, I'm back once again, you have to start at some point, right??

I'll be writing in the days to come, things I want to share and I want my blog to have, not necessarily in order, and obviously not right after they happened...

For now I'm off to the farmers market to have breakfast with my sweet MG, and then to the yarn shop!! lots of things happening today! the big annual sale (15-50%) in all the yarns!!!! and there is 2 craft festivals this weekend in town... hope we don't get a lot of rain because we're supposed to get cats and dogs...

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!!!! (or regular weekend if you are not in the States!)

love... see you soon!

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  1. It's good to see you pop in and say hello.. so tell us more about what's been going on! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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