February 10, 2012

Soooo tired

It's 7.29pm

I left the shop at 6pm, hoping to catch the 6.05 bus.... 6.23 and it hadn't arrived, when I heard someone from the bus station saying to a customer that the bus would take another 20 minutes to get there...
We have rainy snow right now and it's cold... it was getting dark and I was cold.
I walked a block to a little coffee and chocolate shop to buy a hot chocolate... I like their products but I think they are very expensive... (seriously... $2.60 for a one bite chocolate-truffle kind???)
The hot chocolate was good though, not amazing but good and warm. Walked back to the bus station (bus stop downtown where all the buses stop so you can change to another and get to a different part of the city) and kept waiting...

Got home at 6.59pm...
Now in my PJ's and after relaxing a bit online... I'm off to bake!!!! nothing that a sweet baking can cure right?
So today we are making a Tres Leches cake to take tomorrow to the shop to eat with my friends!!!
I'll show you pictures later.

See you soon!

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  1. Brrr! Glad you got home eventually! I went for a Gingerbread Flavoured Coffee yesterday with my 7yr old son, he had a cup of tea and a rather dry looking chocolate Muffin, I thought the bill of over £5.00 was expensive! I am turning in to my Mother, she would always take our own refreshments, or wait until we got home. On the rare occasion we had anything out she would always be shocked by the price...I am sure your baking will be wonderful and much appreciated :)


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