December 22, 2011

Christmas has arrived!!!

Last Sunday that I said we were going out to buy presents, we ended up buying our Christmas tree and some comic books for MG's presents.

Today, finally Christmas tree is full with lights and ornaments... I still have wrapping to do, but I hope tomorrow...
Our tree this year is short and fat... ;o)
It makes me happy... we have a tendency to name things... so the tree name is Stanley, Stan for short!

We put all out not round ornaments, all my crocheted and some clay like figurines that we bought our first Christmas together. Some stockins and some small round ornaments... not a lot.
I did a little mantle (I'm not sure if that's the word) on top of the corner bookshelf with our little nativity and Christmas tree... we don't have a lot of ornament things because it has been an uncertain time of when we'll be going back home so we try to not to buy tons of things that later we won't be able to keep.
I got that Nativity set last year at a Holiday bazar, it was very cheap because the head of one of the wise man was broken... I love it.

Anyway... After getting the tree last week... we went to the yarn shop party, with all my friends.
It was great and I was very happy.
We did a "Dirty Santa" which means that everyone brings a gift, and you put it in the center of the room. Then you make little paper with numbers for the total of presents that people brought.
And then you pick a paper and you get a number. So the number one pick a present and opens it.
#2 can decide to pick a new present and open or "steal" the one that #1 picked, shich would make that #1 has to pick something else.
and from #3 to the end of the numbers they can pick something new or steal.
everyone gets a present at the end.

I got a long necklace
I think you can't see it good there... I'll try to take a closer picture to show you because it is beauuuutiful!
That's one of my friends in the picture... she's spending Christmas eve with us and I'm excited about it.

that's all for now...
Hope to be back soon!

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