November 10, 2011

Yarny business

It looks like my days pass by without giving me much time to seat down and write leisurely...
Anyway, here I am today... Very happy in the refugee of my home. I appears that it had started to snow... at least for short periods of time and not over the whole city at the same time.
Yesterday I had a bit of snow falling on me while I waited for the bus... I had that feeling of excitement that comes with the first snow, but also a bit of sadness that warmer days had finished.

I've been all over the place with my yarns!!!!
I finished my sweater, and its pretty, cozy and warm/hot... I'll show it to you later, as (again) pictures are in MG camera... but for know I have pictures of some of the parts... The back and one front...
The pattern is called Nimbus and as you can see is a knitted sweater. My first sweater knitted in parts and sewn together. The yarn I used is the one the pattern asks for and is Peruvia Quick. A thick chunky yarn in 100% wool.... ideal for the cold weather!!!!

But I do have a lot more thing to share!!!!

Here I am wearing the white shawlette/stole I finished a while ago... 
Very fun... I felt like I was wearing a cloud!!!

My LYS had a promotion with an already-dressed-loom so you could seat just for the afternoon and weave even when you didn't know a thing about weaving (like me) and without having to take a full class and dress the loom and all that.... so I took advantage of it and wove a table runner that I took to Mexico with me to give to my uncle as a Birthday present.... he was very happy with it and I was so proud of myself!!!

I did a couple of headbands using Shepperds Wool yarn... it was my first time using that yarn and I loved it!!! it is totally great for this headbands... they are knitted with 2 strands held together and are quick and easy to fix. they button in the lower part of your head and I added a flower to embellish one of them. I didn't have enough yarn to make a flower for the other one. I gave the one with the flower to a friend from Mexico and she loved it! she is living in North Carolina so it gets cold there the same as here, so with a headband we get to cover our ears and be warm even if we have styled our hair. 

And finally (before this post gets super long)... I want to share a scarf with you... 
Now... isn't that pretty???? but I didn't make it!!!!! you may recognize it from the web, because it was purchased in a big store. I don't know which one... the owner of the shop bought it and it was so popular with the customers and so many people asked for the pattern that I was asked to write the pattern for it. Or at least my version of it...
So I did.... and last week I had a class with 4 students to show this motives...
Here's what I did that day!
I need tons of hexagons!!!

See you soon!


  1. Wow, Shanti.. a lot to show us! I'm very impressed with your weaving.. will you be doing more? I like all your projects.. what a talented young lady you are. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hi Shanti,
    Loved all that you pictured. So many lovely handmades. I made the nimbus sweater last christmas....infact 3 of them for gifts for my daughters all in different colors. They turned out great, but I do have to say it is a real pain sewing them many pieces. If you want to see mine, they are in past posts. Love the color to yours.


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