November 16, 2011

Health Center...

I hope you're doing ok...
We are, but today we spent a good amount of time at the Health Center...
MG had been having a little bit of discomfort and some pain in the back, we thought he might had something going on with his kidneys... so we went to check him up at the university health center...
It's a great place for the students!!! we get a great attention and we are not really students... he's a post-doc and I'm the spouse, so we don't count as students... luckily, we still get great services there.
Anyway... good thing, he was checked and he's perfectly healthy and in good shape... granted, he could use more excercise (we both need it!!) but he doesn't have anything going on with the kidneys... uff!!!

We also got (both of us) a flu shot... so my arm is a little bit sore and I feel tired... although that is probably because i's almost midnight!!!
We went out today to the Comedy Attic... a place with an open mic night for aspiring comediants... one of MG's coworkers was performing and we went to hear him. It was a good show and we had a good time... we came back a little before 10pm... had dinner and I talked to my mom and now he's just hanging up with his parents... so I guess we are going to bed!!!

Good night!!!
See you soon,

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