September 14, 2011

I'm back!!

Oh my!!! it has been a month since my last post!!!
I knew it had been a while, but it didn't feel like that much.

I was away in a lovely trip back home, and (very luckily) this time with MG.
He hadn't been home since our wedding in March 2009, so it was important that he made the trip, see family and friends and enjoy the food and good company that Mexico offers us.

I, as always that I'm there, was very happy... very pleased with the trip in general and just happy to be there.
We had my Grandma's 91st birthday, I loved how her hat turned out! she didn't notice a lot but we put it on her and she wore it the whole afternoon, so I guess it was fine.
LOL!!! I can't stop laughing at Grandma's face... she loves to make faces....
She had a great time at her party, we had a "piñata" and by the time it broke grandma was tired, but she played with the points of the piñata star and wore them as a hat...
My niece also enjoyed the piñata, and used a star point too.... to pick up and gather her candies!!!!

I did another hat, from the same Eco Duo yarn (Baby alpaca + Merino) for my mom, and another one with lines of 2 colors of the same yarn that came out really small so I gave it to a friend.
Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of those, so no showing this time...
I made another hat while I was in Mex... I'll take a pic soon and tell you about it.

I went to a bunch of yarn shops in Mex... all different yarns of whan I'm used to now here!!!! but still a few good things... I have to put them in order and wait for a sunny day to take photos.

I went with my mom to a party... I always have a great time with her!!!!
And we had my Dad's Birthday party too.... I don't have photos of that because they still are in MG's camera... but I do have this one I took from that day!!
Is a crochet carpet made by my Grand Mother (the other one), I don't know if you notice from the photo, but it's made with thread!!! soooooo tiny!!!!
Here's another one where I put my ring next to it so you can see the final size of the carpet...
It was very pretty............ there are some days where I wish so much my Grand Mother was still here so I could talk crochet with her...

And last of all.... my enchanting handsom Husband before a job interview...
He was so handsome that day that if I wasn't his wife yet, I would have fallen for him on that moment... (does that makes sense??)

See you soon my friends!


  1. Whoop, so good to see you again!! :)

  2. Good to see you again :) The photographs of your Grandmother and her hats were great, they made me laugh. You look very happy with your Mother, and yes hubby does look very smart. xxx

  3. Welcome back! I love the hat on Grandma.. what a character she must be. The tiny crochet granny square was magnificent. Is it a wall hanging? Hubby is gorgeous!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Great hat! The older generation are style idols! :)
    Welcome back.


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