April 21, 2011

O is for Oh Sweet Heaven!!!

Hellooooo guys!!!!

How are you doing today????
I'm fine, I'm happy and I have a headache!

Today I baked... a sweet, rich, heavy, moist and heavenly Chocolate Buttermilk Cake (if you follow the link it'll take you to the recipe I used).
I started early, not really... I started righ after MG left for work, at 9:30. I mixed all my ingredients and it was a huge amount of batter so actually I got 2 cakes and 6 cupcakes!!
They were out of the oven just before I had to run to my Zumba class... so they stayed cooling.
I took a cupcake just like that for my Zumba instructor, we are very good friends.

When I came back I made the Chocolate Ganache to ice the cake.

I did the cupcakes first when it was still warm and runny!!!
I added some sprinkles to the edges, and they look really cute and I think, professional!!!

I don't know if it has been the deep and rich smell and flavour in the air... the chocolaty air... but my head is pounding, and I didn't even tried the chocolate!!! (chocolate can give awful migraines)...

The cake was iced at the end of the evening, when the ganache had cooled and thickened enough!

The cake is going to MG's lab group meeting tomorrow morning... I told one of his labmates to bring some milk and cups with her because they sure will need it!!!
The cupcakes are going with me to the Yarn Store for the ladies!

And I'm off now to watch a new (I hope) episode of Grey's Anatomy! Do you like that show?? I love it!
I'll leave you with a last pic of my headachy precious treats!!!

See you soon!


  1. Ohhhhhh.. boy do I wish I had a piece of that cake!! YUM!!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  2. Hey Shanti :) I hope your feeling better. That cake looks so tempting! I bet MJ's coworkers will be in heaven! And the cupcakes..I think you should have saved them for "P"...as in Perfection! You out did yourself. Take carexx

  3. Wow!! Look at that cake! Your not helping me with my diet..!! Ashley x

  4. Sorry about your headache again, Shanti. Did the zumba help it? I'm not sure it would, but I hope it did for you. All your chocolate creations look decadent. I think I'm gaining weight just looking, but it would be well worth it!!!! So nice of you to make these for everyone. I hope you are feeling better and have a pain free weekend. Happy Easter, xoRobin❤

  5. Wow! Your cake looks so yummy!!! I'd love one! Hope you are better now, Shanti!
    Take care and have a Happy Easter! xo

  6. Oh my gosh that looks so good!

  7. Mmm... Looks yummy! Wishing you a Happy Easter. :)

  8. Those are just tooooo delicious looking, Shanti! I hope you've been feeling better and having wonderful Easter!


  9. Hi Shanti - That cake looks fabulous! Really really fabulous!
    I am new to your blog - I was doing a little blog surfing and ended up here - intrigued by your blog name.

    I am a knitter and share your passion for yarns and fibers. Its great to meet another knitter who blogs~~

    I hope you have had a wonderful Easter holiday~~



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