April 03, 2011

A is for Amarillo!!!!

I'm sure you'll forgive me for using a word in spanish... Amarillo means Yellow... but it's the perfect name for what I want to share with you...

Two days ago, my mom had a friend came over to visit her and he brougth her flowers, I'm not sure if I can call it a bouquet, because as I understand it, a bouquet is smaller, like a wedding bouquet, but this flowers are huge, and their steams are long!!!
The flowers were all closed buttons, and within a day they all open in the most wonderful yellow shade.
This pictures are from yesterday... I think today the yellow on them is more rich, more orange-y and lovely...
They are making us really happy!


A is also for Artisans... I went to an arts and crafts show, full of nice artisan works...
 I just took 2 pictures, of a couple of stands... but it was really nice... I think I'll go again with my parents and I'll try to take more pictures...

See you soon!


  1. Those flowers are beautiful, there's a lot of them too!

  2. Those flowers are HUGE! I didn't realize how big they were until I realized they are sitting on the floor next to a couch!

    Nice post, thanks for sharing!

  3. I was so thinking WOW she came to Amarillo!! (that is where I live) lol - till i kept reading on - but love the flowers!!

    hope you have a wonderful, blessed day ;-)


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