March 15, 2011

It's a new day...

It's so late!!! or early, as you'd like to see it...
I'm here writing at midnight, 12:18 am here! I'm here with MG, we haven't gone to bed yet... and I'm so tired that I think my English is not coming out :o)!

My dear Hubby is writing a report of his job of the past 7 months... I was helping him to correct the style, because the report needs to be in Spanish and since he's all day thinking and talking English related work things, when he writes it down, he uses words in Spanish, but with English grammar structure!!!!
So it's a bit of a mess!!!!

Luckily, we are finished so we can go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good!!! I think I'll sleep in tomorrow while he gets ready to go... and prepares breakfast! After all, I already cooked a nice fish in parsley and rice for tomorrow's (later today) lunch!

Hope you could read my sleepy English!!

See you soon!

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