March 30, 2011

A Doctor's appointment... and a bunch of friends!

Hellooooo!!! How're you doing today, my space friends???

I've been trying to stay up to date with blogland, but it's not always succesful in a different rutine... specially with the wedding, was hard to follow! but yesterday I spent a good amount of time in the afternoon while my mom had a work meeting at home, and I catched up with the last posts of your lovely blogs...

We went to her doctor's appointment in the morning (yesterday)... and he said that everything was great and looked perfect!! he gave her green light to start walking a little here and there and even drive an automatic car!!! so finally, after 57 days of being at home and in a wheelchair, my mom is back on her feet and ready to get back to her normal life! I'm relieved and grateful that everything is ok!!! thank you so much for your good thoughts!!!

At night I had my friends come over... they usually gather on Tuesdays night to play board games, and yesterday was my house turn. So they came, 3 boys and 3 girls... Oh boy! I miss them so much when I'm not here!!!! but It's GREAT to know and feel that long time can pass and it will still be as if we have seen each other the day before...
We didn't play anything, just a good dinner, lots of chat and catch up and laugh! a great night!!!

Today I've been working in the wedding album...
My Sister-in-law and Husband will be away at their Honeymoon for a month, and I am making them an album that I want to get ready and printed before they are back so they'll see it when they get to their new home. I won't be here anymore by then, but I bet it'll be a great thing!!! it won't be a surprise, I think I told them that I wanted to make an album, but still it will be great!!! and the best part of making it digital is that I can order several copies, so they can have one and my in-laws and MG and I another.

Here some pics of what I've done so far...


  1. Great news on your mom, Shanti! I was hoping you'd put a photo of you all dressed up for the wedding! :-)

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  2. sooo pretty glad your mom is better


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