February 27, 2011

Hello!!! I'm still here!

I'm still without my camera... I hope to buy a new memory card today, or at least take some pics with MG's camera so I can share with you...

I find really difficult to write my blog without pics... this blog it's about sharing and showing, and although I talk about my life and all... I feel it's not the same just talking and now showing...

Anyways... I've had a GREAT weekend with MG at home! he has been working but it's amazing to have him here all the time!

See you soon!
I have a lot to show you!



  1. I feel sorry for you without your camera but I suppose it will be lucky for us when you get round to doing your bumper catch up show and tell post x

  2. Hi Shanti, how nice of you to have hubby spend time with you. Sorry about the camera, a new memory card can be very inexpensive.

    Hugs from Oregon


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