January 01, 2011


First post of the year in this fun date!!! I like fun dates, like 10.10.10 or 05.06.07 and so on... but I just thougth that I like the today date more because is the same in day/month/year format than month/day/year format... and that is also fun.
Today my day was pretty perfect, so I think we started our year with the right foot.
We started (just after midnight) going out for a walk around our building, to gave thanks and simbolize the idea of a trip in this year for us... we took a bag with a book for relax time and fun, a bag of homemade cookies for home cozyness, a camara to capture all our precious moments this year, a Chemistry article so the work keeps rolling, a skein of yarn of course, and a wallet with money.
MG wore sandals (it was a bit cold) and he said it was to chalenge the world and up front whatever comes, I wore my exercise snikers to be more athletic and healthier this year... and as it was raining when we went out, we took an umbrella as a shelter over our heads sign.
As we had a bag of garbage that we had to take to the trash container, we took it out at that time and dump it as throwing away the bad things in our life...
We made a wish and drop some coins to the air, left them on the floor.
It's one of those tradition of ours, that I don't know if someone else's does them, but I'm glad we do.

After a good night rest, we had leftovers breakfast, talk with our families on the phone, and spend the day together... MG was drawing in a new sketch book that we bought for him yesterday with new pencils... I was crocheting for most part of the day... we watched TV while doing it... we saw some Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy's chapters, and we got to the end of the season in both of them... I live what it's happening on the TV and I ended up crying more than a couple of times, and each time, MG standed up, leaving his drawing and came to the couch or floor, and sat beside me and hugged me smiling and comforting me in my silyness cries...

It was a perfect day...

...and today I'll start the Project Joy 365 inspired by Christy at Speed Scraps. This is a project to take a picture each day of the year and put them all together in a scarp album, a page per week. I'm excited about it....

I hope that you had a really great start this 2011... I wish you all the happiness and health of the world, with a lot of love and peace.

See you soon!


  1. What a wonderful symbolic walk you had!

    Wishing you all the best in the year ahead and I look forward to seeing all of your ideas and crafts and crochet.

  2. What a symbolic way to bring in the new year! I may have to steal some ideas from you and begin some family traditions of our own. :)

  3. Wow! Shanti what a symbolic way to welcome the New Year! I love it!

    Happy, happy New Year to you!


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