November 12, 2010


Look at them::::

 Aren't they gorgeous????? I just picked them up from our shared garden... I love them, I feel like a little girl with a new just-discovered treasure!!! I'm happy happy!!!
I'll try to go out tomorrow for more, I'm out of time now...

Do you want to see them again??
 I want to make an Autumn-y wreath with them... I went to Hobby Lobby today for a circle frame that I could use but didn't like none of what they have... so I'll try the dollar store soon, and I'll show you how it goes....

Look at this pretty tree that we found at campus this morning!!!
MG and I got really happy after seeing it and got into a nice discusion about why trees make that change in their colors....
Have a great weekend!!!
I'm off to have dinner with MG and co-workers!

See you soon!


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