October 28, 2010

Back home...

Finally, after a very looong trip I got home with MG...
It took me a little bit more than 13 hours to make it from my parent's at Mexico City, to our little home at B-town... that being the waiting time before a plane, the flying time, the waiting time between flights, other flight, waiting time at the airport for the shuttle, shuttle time, and driving time back home... uuufff!!! tireing!!!!

MG went to "pick me up" to the airport... more wait for me, as he took the shuttle there and didn't drive...

The reunion was great!!! I was so happy and excited to see him... it was like we were dating again, you know those butterflies that you get in your stomack when your guy is coming to pick you up to take you out????? well, I had those for the whole second flight and the time that passed until I was with him!

Fortunately, I passed all the border procedures without any problems or questioning... yei!!!!

MG had take all the clutter out of the house (he's not very cluttery) and had a pile of presents with a note on top of the bed for me... so sweet!!!

Yesterday I went to the campus with him, I walked a bit while he was working... apparently I've missed the best stunnishing part of the autumn, but still I found this... 

I love the color of the leaves, we don't have this kind of autumn in my home town, so this is still new to me (just my second year!!!)... and I discovered that you can smell the leaves, I think a fall scent... same as Christmas scent will come !

I'll share more things in the next days... have to do some errands!
See you soon!

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