September 04, 2010


I've been in my home country for 2 weeks now, I love being here and seeing family and friends has been such a blessing and a great oportunity.
Grandma was very sick and weak 4 weeks ago, and she recovered almost completly the next day after my arrival. It's great to see her ok, and fighting.
My friends are awsome and I'm very happy talking with them and catching up in the tiny bits of life that we miss being apart.
I've enjoyed tons my parents, my family, had amazing times with my mom.
Very cultural days including 2 plays at the theatre and museums and a lot more.

But this has been also a very difficult time, because I need to renew my visa so I can go back to MG's arms, and I've been asked for a specific paper at the Embassy that we don't have and isn't the easiest thing to get.
So we have been struggling with that, having some-very-stressful conversations over the phone, and thinking in everything we can do to get that paper so I can go back with him.

This have me stressed, and anxious, but the worst part is that it has MG worried, stressed and it's not easy for him to talk with me... so I miss him a lot. We haven't had fun conversations over the phone, and we bearly spoke this week... and that makes me feel so sad... and husbandsick.
It's so frustrating not being able to sort things out and have a solution for a problem. And it's awful not to be together to at least have a hug or hold hands to comfort each other.
So it appears that I'll be "stuck" here for at least one more month, a bit more that we had planned as my plane was booked for next Friday.

I really, really hope that this will work somehow... but right now, I feel a bit empty.
I'm missing MG so much, and I get worried and sad that he is too.
All this makes difficult for me to enjoy my people and I kinda feel guilty from while to while of had coming, for being here... and it makes difficult to him to enjoy and focus on his new job.

Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Oh Shanti that is all so hard and complicated, I hope everything sort itself out soon, you must be feeling strange to be forceably separated like this. :(

    Praying for you and your Mr, that you are reunited soon and can find plenty to keep you occupied and happy in this strage apart time.


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