September 21, 2010

Ripple blanket 2

Hellooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you today????

I'm fine, not great as I slept weird, or got cold in the middle of the night or something and my shoulders and back neck are hurting me.... ash ash ash...

I just wanted to show you really quick my Baby Ripple Blanket!!! I finished it....

I absolutely LoVe iT!!!!! it's made in the same colours than the first one, but in different shades... and it's inpired by the beautiful color combo of Bake and sew!

Do you want to see it all???
More than that???

Ok, here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ripple BlanKet!!!!
Don't you love it???

It's a toddler blanket... aprox 40x38 in... all made in Vanna's choice... with one skein of I love this yarn... the purple of the edge...

I worked the edge to make the ripple even, so it is a "square" instead of ripple edging... and then added a row of hdc, sc and hdc.... and a row of slip stitch of light green on the last row of hdc on the purple edging....
Take a closer look!
I love the efect!!!! it's like a chain thin and delicate that holds the whole blanket! I'm very happy with it...

I thought about adding a second row, below the green, in light pink, but I'm not sure about it....
And look!!! I love the back of this green line too!!! it's like a thin dotted line!

Very happy with it!!!

Well I have to go... a pleasure to see you here today!!!
See you soon!


  1. IT is so cute I have only made a ripple scarf. I am really wanting to make a blanket like yours.I have one questioin. That first row how did you make it strait cause when i made my scarf the whole thing was zig zagy

  2. LOVE your blanket! I've be come a huge fan of ripples and really love the pinks and greens you used! You have a lovely blog, glad I found you... or rather, you found me!


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