June 16, 2010


I've had a very nice day so far today!
I sat down for two hours in the morning, right after MG left for work, to make some jewerly...
And I came up with two necklaces, one of them with earrings...

The first one: green turquoise with sterling silver... I made segments of 1 and 2 beads wrapped in wire, and I made what I like to call "Triple Flowers" in a thicker gauge of wire. The design is assymetrical, so the "flowers" are suposed to go on on side of the neck... like this:::

The second necklace is made with the same turquoise beads as the previous one, plus onix tubes and small round coral beads that I had previously wraped in pairs (with thiner wire) , and then arranged them in a wire coil to form a "berry cluster". The earrings are just one of the clusters without the turquoise or the onix.

I am loving them A LOT!!!!

The rest of the day has been great, a walk to the store for some cake ingredients, a delicious lunch and a lot of time by the pool, reading while enjoying the sun at first and then playing in the water with some neighbour kids... The weather has been great! with amazingly blue skies full of white clouds, and SUN!!! it feels so so so good after a week of bad weather and thunderstorms and tornado warnings!!!

See you soon!

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